Fingerings in Method Book

Fingerings in Method Book

Fingerings in Method Book    14:17 on Saturday, January 09, 2010          

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Posted by Fredrick

I don't play piano, but I'd like to learn how, so I picked up a beginner's method book to start teaching myself (Carl Czerny - Practical Method for Beginners on the Pianoforte; edited, revised and fingered by Giuseppe Buonamici). In the book, when one note is played twice or more in a row, the fingering written above the note changes. Is there a reason for this that I should know about? It confuses me since it would be easier (at least by my logic) to keep the same finger on the key to play the note both times.

Re: Fingerings in Method Book    07:13 on Sunday, January 10, 2010          

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Posted by Susan_Chng

I had the same question as you previously. I asked my piano teacher and he says I don't always have to follow the fingering indicated in the book. So I just stay with the same finger for the same note if it's easier / more comfortable to play that way. I change the fingering (for the same note) only if it makes it easier for my other fingers to play some other notes further down the bar.


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