What level (RCM) are these pieces?

What level (RCM) are these pieces?

What level (RCM) are these pieces?    13:34 on Sunday, April 10, 2011          

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Posted by mango001

I have been looking around for some new pieces to try, and I didn't know what level/how hard these pieces are:

Nocturne in Bflat -- John Field
Rondino -- Antonio Diabelli
Poem -- Zdenko Fibich
Largo -- Handel
The Cascades -- Scott Joplin
Having Fun from Op 27 (no 70) -- Kabalevsky
La Tambourin -- Rameau
Song of India -- Rimsky-Korsakov
Album Leaf op. 45 no. 1 -- Alexander Scriabin
Serenade -- Schubert
The Beautiful Blue Danube -- Johann Strauss

what rcm level are they, how challenging are they, and I am currently level 8, do you think they would be an okay level for me? I know there is a lot, but if you know even a few, please help? Thanks so much!

Re: What level (RCM) are these pieces?    16:08 on Sunday, May 15, 2011          

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Posted by mcrosbie

Although I can't answer your question exactly, it would seem to me that if you are at level 8 with the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto (as I am) you should be able to play all of these pieces. I think that Nocturne by John Field was in an older version of either the level 7 or 8 repertoire.


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