1X Pioneer DJM 800 and 2X CDJ 1000 MK 3, Korg tyros

1X Pioneer DJM 800 and 2X CDJ 1000 MK 3, Korg tyros

1X Pioneer DJM 800 and 2X CDJ 1000 MK 3, Korg tyros    19:38 on Tuesday, April 24, 2012          

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Pioneer CDJ-2000 Professional Multi Player Desktop
2x Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 & 1x DJM-800 MIXER DJ PACKAGE
Pioneer DJM-1000 Professional Club DJ Mixer
Pioneer CDJ 2000
Pioneer DVJ 1000
Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3
Pioneer DJM-800 Mixer
Pioneer DJ Effector (red)
Pioneer System Case (CA-CMX5)
Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Digital Vinyl Turntable
Pioneer Dual Rackmount CD Player
Pioneer Pro DJ Mixer


Numark CDX Direct-Drive CD Turntable
Numark DVD01 Dual DVD Player
Numark CM100 Club Series DJ Mixer
Numark TTX Direct-Drive Turntabl
Numark DXM06 2-Channel Digital Mixer
Numark iDJ 2 DJ Console for iPod
Numark 5000FX 12? 5-Channel Mixer Desktop
Numark AVM02 Audio / Video Mixer with Effects
Numark X2 Pro Hybrid Turntable And CD / MP3
Numark CM200USB 5-Channel 19? Rackmount DJ Mixer

We provide all kinds of musical instruments affordable DJ. Also be given their full accessories.The DJ MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS are all brand new and all come with 2 years international warranty. All our product comes with original box and sealed coffin with their manuals.

Denon DN S3500
Denon DN S3700
Denon DN D4500
Denon DN S5000
Denon DN D6000
Denon DN D9000
Denon DNX-1700


Sony DMX-P01 Portable Digital Mixer
Sony SRP-X500 Digital Powered Mixer
Sony SRP-X100 12-Channel Stereo Mixer
SRP-X700P Powered Audio and Video Matrix Mixer
Sony Portable Digital Mixer DMXP01 Digital Recording Mixer
Sony SRP-X100 Rack Mount Audio Mixer. New SRPX100

TEAM keyboard.

Yamaha Tyros 3 61-Key Keyboard Workstation Arranger
Yamaha Motif XS8 88-Key Keyboard
Yamaha Tyros2 61-Key Keyboard
Yamaha Portable Grand YPG-225
Yamaha PSR-OR700 61-Key Portable
White Computer Desk With Flip Down
Yamaha PSR-S500 61-key arrangements
Yamaha Motif XS7 76-Key Keyboard
Yamaha PSR-S700 61-Key Portable
Yamaha MO6 61-Key Synthesizer
Yamaha S08 88-Key Synthesizer

Korg Keyboard

Korg M3-88 Key Workstation / Sampler
Korg OASYS 88 Keyboard
Pa2XPro Korg Keyboard 76-key Arranger
Korg PA500 Arranger Workstation
Pro Arranger Korg PA800



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