Chopin music

Chopin music

Chopin music    02:42 on Thursday, May 31, 2012          

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Posted by pianofan12


I love Chopin's piano music and am trying to encourage more people to listen to it. I've just written a beginner's guide. Check it out - I'd love to know if you agree with my choice of pieces I recommend.

All the best,

Re: Chopin music    20:19 on Thursday, February 21, 2013          

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Posted by Mr-Piano

It's good, but here are the best piano compositors by my opinion and best piano songs.

Re: Chopin music    04:42 on Wednesday, February 27, 2013          

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Posted by rocklandpiano

this is lovely...his music talks to the soul, to the best in every one of us.. great performance too...d

Re: Chopin music    09:17 on Sunday, March 03, 2013          

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Posted by birder

Really good composer. I‘ll try to play Chopin‘s on piano

Re: Chopin music    00:21 on Wednesday, March 27, 2013          

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Posted by sahadul123

Very good.


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