Hands can grow with exercise?

Hands can grow with exercise?

Hands can grow with exercise?    04:28 on Sunday, July 14, 2013          

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Posted by birder

hi all. Im 17 and I play piano. But sometimes i slog to reaching some keys in songs. i know hands grow up with in years. but i need it now. do you know hands can grow with exercises?

Re: Hands can grow with exercise?    11:43 on Wednesday, January 15, 2014          

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Posted by amy_bluem00n010

I can't say that hands grow with exercise - that they become bigger or longer. However, doing finger exercises can improve the dexterity and flexibility of your fingers. It can also help stretch your fingers (especially with octave exercises)so you can reach far notes. But of course the stretch is limited to just how far your fingers can go. If you have small hands and you play piano, don't worry too much on not being able to reach very far notes. But with regular finger exercises your fingers can become flexible and fast so you can play far notes like how you play grace notes. You don't need to press down 2 far notes together if they are really far from each other. But you can them like grace notes.

If you need exercises or lessons on improving the flexibility and dexterity of your fingers try the Hanon book exercises. If you need courses on improving your hands' and fingers' flexibility and coordination, check out the Hand Coordination, Runs and Fillers http://www.pianomother.com/Hand-Coordination-Piano-Runs-Fillers.html

Re: Hands can grow with exercise?    07:16 on Tuesday, April 15, 2014          

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Posted by FreyaLewis

You should do lots of exercise, it is the only solution. Because it grows naturally, not by forcefully.

Re: Hands can grow with exercise?    11:46 on Sunday, May 11, 2014          

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Posted by Elena-House

My hands are smaller than I would like for playing piano but my teacher teaches me how to play chords with my little stubies.


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