Suggestions on overcoming piano injury?

Suggestions on overcoming piano injury?

Suggestions on overcoming piano injury?    08:13 on Saturday, June 17, 2017          


Hello, I am new here and the reason why I joined this site is because I am kind of worried about a hand injury that I have that was caused by playing the piano.

So my story in short is that I started playing the piano really late, at the age of 13, 6 years ago. I joined music school just for fun but turns out I was improving really quickly and so my teachers started to push me to do more and more and I worked even harder. I started winning at local competitions and I finished grade 8 of ABRSM with distinction. This year I've been applying for university auditions and wanted to do my best so you can guess I was really working hard on that. I also joined many ensembles which added on the workload. However this injury started exactly last month when I had a series of concerts, one after the other which drove me to practice about 7 hours a day when I wasn't used to that (I usually practice 1 to maximum 3 hours a day). I didn't feel any pain during practice but the day after my last recital, I started to feel not pain but slight aches in both hands in the 4th and 5th fingers, thumb and wrist (that sometimes moved to my forearms). I realise that this was partially caused by me lifting up my shoulders whenever I wanted to play more expressively (I've been told by my teacher about this many times but I had no time to actually sit down, relax and fix this problem). Now ( 1 month later), after I've visited a specialist, had a medicine and a gel, iced and rested for about 4 days with the rest of the month practicing for no longer than 30 minutes with light touch and no tension and working on fixing any non necessary movements in technique, I feel a lot better. Sometimes I don't feel anything but I still get those random days where I can feel a very slight dull ache in my wrist and thumb. I really want to prepare for my program for the first year at university but I don't want to push myself so this injury wouldn't develop into something serious.

Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, what did you do about it that helped? And what would you suggest in general?

Thank you!

Re: Suggestions on overcoming piano injury?    03:50 on Sunday, June 18, 2017          

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Posted by contra448

I'm no expert either medically or pianistically.

Do take it easy even if you have to delay or rethink your university options - better to cure this now or you risk having long term problems which might permanently prevent you from attaining your musicical aims.

I imagine the medical advice has been from your GP & a local hospital. I suggest contacting The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine - - who should be able to put you in touch which someone who specialises in this sort of problem, hopefully in your local area. Also a teacher of the Alexander technique, many of whom are musicians as well, can help greatly.

Good luck & I hope you get this sorted quickly.


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