I am having so much trouble

I am having so much trouble

I am having so much trouble    23:00 on Sunday, August 13, 2017          

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Posted by iNeedHelp123

So I have started playing piano since I was 7, I am 17 now and an amazing pianist today. I started taking professional classical training on piano since I was 14, and got superior ratings in festivals. Last year I got 2nd place in the State piano competition. I am also an amazing Tuba player, as I have played since since I was 12. I have made all-state band on Tuba, received a superior rating in the Solo & Ensemble contest, and participated in several honor bands. Music is my life. At around Junior year, however, I started losing interest in the piano, practicing for that competition stressed me out so much, I did not enjoy it at all. I couldn't find a way to explain to my parents and my piano teacher how I felt. The following lesson after the competition, I simply told my piano teacher that preparing for that competition was too much for me and I don't want to do it next year. And of course she just said stuff like "if it's too much for you then what is the point of going into music?" Obviously she didn't understand what I was going through. My mom just got mad, tried forcing me to compete, but she understands now. The reason I chose not to compete was mainly because I felt like my teacher was pushing me in a path I didn't want to go. She trained me as she would a piano performance major in college. But I plan to major in Music Education. I don't want to give up piano because my mom got me a scholarship for free professional lessons freshman year, but I am not feeling much motivation to practice, and I am not sure what to do. I have been practicing tuba every day since Junior year, and I feel much more motivation to practice on tuba than on piano, I don't know why I am motivated to practice tuba but not piano. I wish I could explain everything, but there is just so much deep thought into this, it would take such a long time for people to understand. If anyone understands my pain or has any advice for me, please share it with me. Thanks.


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