Easiest way to play piano

Easiest way to play piano

Easiest way to play piano    09:31 on Monday, December 16, 2019          

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Posted by Johnzhu

Playing my favorite piano music has always been my dream, but I'm usually too busy to practice. I can only hide this dream in my heart until one day I find an app called EasyPlaying on Appstore. This app provides more than a dozen classic piano songs that I like. I found that after a simple practice, I can play the wedding of lovein less than 20 minutes, a famous piano song. I is great, if I was tired from work or on a trip, I had another way of entertainment on my . This application can also support importing midi music , which means that the music I can play can be any music I like, as long as I can convert this music into a midi file. How to make a midi file? The introduction of the app says that you can use notation software such as Sibelius. I searched on Taobao and found that there are many such services. The price is only tens of yuan. I immediately found the favorite Beethoven's joy song online. After converting it into midi, it was easily imported. Haha, just in less than a minute, I was able to pop up this song completely.
This app can also support external midi keyboards, and you can switch instruments. Unfortunately, only nylon guitars, no steel-string guitars, nylon guitars have a good tone, but unfortunately it canít play glide and vibrato and strumming effects. Advanced guitar playing effects are a bit limited, but there is no problem on ordinary effect with the guitar performance, and it can already meet most of the needs of this middle-aged person like me
There is a demo video on youtube. You can check it out if interested



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