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i see everyone posting crap about evanessance and stuff.... but if you like radiohead, than there is this sight run by a girl in philly who has "perfect pitch," so she`s done a few radiohead songs.

for the uninformed, perfect pitch is when one can hear a melody and write it down on the spot. the next closest thing is relative pitch, when a person can identify notes relative to each other. you cant teach yourself this stuff, it just comes naturally, so dotn even try.

anyways, the girl is brilliant... so if you like radiohead check it oot:

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I`m sorry, but you`ve been woefully misinformed. Perfect pitch is the ability to instantly recognize a tone.
Relative pitch is the ability to recognize or produce a tone by mentally establishing a relationship between its pitch and that of a recently heard tone. And yes, both can be learned, although natural ability gives one a head start. You want to hear some really brilliant Radiohead transcriptions?

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um yeah your opinions on what perfect pitch and that is doesnt worry me, wont get into that! on the other hand little rowboat is a great site and transcriptions are flawless and awesome to play. i went to that other place but i couldnt find any transcriptions, but i did take a listen to a couple songs and quite amazed... it sounds like he has three hands. hard to believe they were live performances. though it wasnt flawless very talented young man nonetheless. like spinning plates is my fave rh song to play. also nice to see a change from the usual `evanescence crap` hehehe


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