Switching from Pit to Battery

Switching from Pit to Battery    19:03 on Monday, September 19, 2011          


Hi 8notes members!

I am currently in the Pit for my second year. I love Pit, but I would really like to expand my music ability and try for battery this next marching season.

I have a percussion teacher that I have not seen in a month or two due to their busy schedule, so I'd like to start off myself. I need to know:

1. How to read drill charts, some marching tips. (I.E. - "dress center dress"/"ready, front")
2. What types of drumsticks and pads to get for battery (practice stuff, I guess)
3. How to read the music.
4, Anything else...

Please and thank you in advance. URLs/videos with good advice also work. Thanks guys!


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