Mics for Cajon

Mics for Cajon

Mics for Cajon    14:42 on Thursday, October 13, 2011          

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Posted by Yannes

Hi everyone,
I'm fairly new here, so excuse me if this already has been asked.

As you might have conclude from the title am I seeking for a mic for my cajon (being a Meinl http://meinlpercussion.com/no_cache/percussion/meinl-percussion/cajons/action/show/Product/247/#item247 ).
I have already played with a Shure Beta 91a and a Shure Beta 52a (I really prefer the Beta 91a), but now that I am looking around to buy myself one, I stumbled onto the Schalgwerk Cajonmic CMIC 90. It looked really nice, but it also looked (desing-wise) a little cheap.

Now my question, does anyone has some experience with this one, or which one would you prefer.



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