i need advie

i need advie

i need advie    19:42 on Friday, June 04, 2004          
(go drummer girls)
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hey im gettin me a set of drums soon and i was wonderin if anyone has advie on anything-good sets,practice, anything. I am also wondering what a falm note is. My msn address Dragon_Slayer_gurl@hotmail.com,aol-Blondie_Chick765, adnd yahoo Blondie_Chick2121.

Re: i need advie    23:11 on Wednesday, June 09, 2004          
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I own a music store and have sets. I carry Mapex as my top line. They`re very good for the money (start at 399.00) Others I have range between 599 - 900.00 but they`re much nicer. I think you mean flams. They`re easy to play. It`s a grace note followed by another note. It`s played almost together but not quite. I have books on these if you`re interested!



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