Does anyone know how to write Drum Set Music?

Does anyone know how to write Drum Set Music?

Does anyone know how to write Drum Set Music?    18:26 on Tuesday, January 11, 2005          
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I am kind of disseapointed because there isn`t one website that I found that teaches you on how to write drumset music. And I know there are books out there that do teach you but I have to time to get them. So if you do know could you show an example of one sheet of drumset music or could you explain to me how to do it?


Re: Does anyone know how to write Drum Set Music?    08:33 on Saturday, January 15, 2005          
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Dude what you need to due is check out some of the sample peices on the drum set on this site, and thank ask for what the notes are, i dont have an actual url or anything, and dont happen to plan in going into great detail on where to put the snare, high hat etc. hope this helps

Re: Does anyone know how to write Drum Set Music?    03:07 on Monday, January 17, 2005          
(Tim Randall)
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Every drummer should learn to read and write music!!! If your going to play, take it seriously and learn to read and write what your playing!!

Hopefully, the messageboard puts this up exactly like I typed it, or otherwise this will look like crap...

Drum set music consists of three basic lines of notes on a measure of music.

Top Line: HiHat/or Ride
Middle Line: Snare
Bottom Line: Bass

Computerized Example:
xx xx xx xx
d d
d dd

Just incase you don`t know. Drum notes look like lowercase d`s with the center filled in with ink.

Cymbal notes look the same, but instead of a ball at the bottom of the d, it will be an x.

Quarter notes look exactly like d`s. They take up 1 beat of a 4 beat measure. Example: 1

8th notes look the same, but have one line at the top of the d to connect the 8th notes together. Sorta picture it dd with a line connecting the tops. They are played as 2 hits in a single beat. Example: 1&

16th notes look the same also with the little ds, but have 2 lines across them to connect the 16ths. Picture it as dddd, with two lines across the top to connet them. Thats your 1E&A beats.

So with the notes typed above. You would be playing 8th notes on your hihat, while hitting 2 and 4 on the snare, and 1 and 3& on the bass.

Want to throw in a crash on the 1st beat?

x xx xx xx
d d
d dd

How about some fills on the snare to?

x xx xx
dd d dddd
d d

As for toms, you add in more lines a little like below:

Crash Line: x
Highhat/Ride: x xx xx xx
Small Tom: dd
Middle Tom: dd
Snare: dd
Low Tom: dd
Bass: dd dd dd dd

I hope this totally confused you,...I mean helped you.

You can try the book/cd combo "Drumming for the 21st Century". You can get if from ebay as low as $10 after shipping. It has over 100 pages of drum music and a play along CD. It teaches modern rock music, rudiments, and notes. I believe it starts with the basics then gets into the Intermediate Level.


Re: Does anyone know how to write Drum Set Music?    03:10 on Monday, January 17, 2005          
(Tim Randall)
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Well, the messageboard didn`t format it correctly.

So the music I typed, doesn`t look anything like it should.

But, you should get the general idea.


Re: Does anyone know how to write Drum Set Music?    18:34 on Sunday, January 23, 2005          
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any easier way to explain it is to 4 basic lines. going from top to bottom in order, is ride, snare, bass, hats. for more advanced music there are those, plus new spaces for toms, and sometimes for cymbals. it would be then, ride, toms, snare, bass, hats. hope that helps.

i need help    18:07 on Friday, February 04, 2005          
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OK im a real beginner and im trying to learn the drums on my own but i dont know wat the letter/key notes are for:
-ride cymbal
-crash cymbal
-hi hat
-tom tom 1
-tom tom 2
-snare durm
-floor tom

can you plzz help me and tell me wat that letter/key notes are for them??

Re: Does anyone know how to write Drum Set Music?    11:52 on Sunday, February 20, 2005          
(nick nance)
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the snare is on the 3rd line and the bass is on the last line and the hi hat represents by an xon th first line and thats all i know

Re: Does anyone know how to write Drum Set Music?    09:30 on Monday, March 14, 2005          
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The best thing to do is forget about the computer tab form and actually learn to read and write drum transcription. If your interested in rock drumming, purchase Carmine Appice`s "Realistic Rock." It will show you how the cymbal, high hat, bass and snare lines are written. In addition, you`ll learn how to write fill-ins on the toms. Best of all, the beats that he demonstrates or quite usable in applied rock music situations. If you learn the right way first, the tabs will be even easier. One really bad thing about tab form is that it really doesn`t show the time value of the notes. For a good drummer, understanding time value is extremely important. Try not to take the shortcuts. If you do it the right way first, you`ll end up being a much better drummer in the long run. Here are some general references. These are drummers/authors whom I would suggest personally. Other drummers may have different suggestions, but all would agree that these would be excellent sources for learning drum set and snare drum theory:

Rock drumming: - Carmine Appice, Ron Spagnardi,

Snare Drum:- George L. Stone, Ted Reed, Charlie Wilcoxin, Joe Morello

Jazz:- Jim Chapin, Ron Spagnardi

Independence:- Joe Morello, Ron Spagnardi, Gary Chaffee

Double Bass Drum:- Joe Franco, Bobby Rondinelli,

Good Luck and keep Drumming!!!!

Re: Does anyone know how to write Drum Set Music?    02:59 on Thursday, March 17, 2005          
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look its simple

F note is bass
C note is snare
E note is high hats

if you know how to read normal music sheets reading drum music will help you alot

-----on the top line is F
between line is E

think of it this way
these nots are on the lines
to remember this read it bottom to top

these are betwwen the lines(it spells face bottom to top)

so to figure out what to read now refere to the top of this!!!!

hope this help

Re: Does anyone know how to write Drum Set Music?    00:44 on Wednesday, March 30, 2005          
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I feel bad for you but there is no easy way around this. It takes time,years, hopefully if your under 20 years of age, it won`t be that bad. Get a teacher and learn how to read. Get good at it. How?... by reading. Just like regular books we read in school. Read music instead. Then you`ll be able to write it. Also, drum music is different depending on your application. ie rudimental drumming is complex looking and very busy. Drum set charts are usually just a skelton/form of the have to know how to interpret them and put your stuff around the skelton. Pay your dues, there`s no magic here. Also, how do you know when your good.....I`ll tell you. When you hear a fill being played or a beat and you can sing it and know exaclty where over the time where those notes fall instantly. But don`t obsess about it either. Some of the best drummers in the world couldn`t read. Some of the best drummers in the world can and can play other instruments like you wouldn`t believe. It depends what you want to do and what you listen to...I assume your a drum set player with a band of some sort. Play with your heart, think groove, develop good time, use dynamics, have good stick control, blend your kit (don`t hit things too hard and other things too soft)as you play, listen to the whole band and yourself all at the same time , take yourself out of your body and sit in front of the band and listen to everything at once, not just yourself..... Thinking of the fundamentals and listening will make you sound good no matter how much you know. Don`t thnk what`s something hard and fast I can play to impress people, instead think, what`s easy to play that fits the music and sounds good...Play with attitude. Put the time`ll get there if you want to.


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