Marcus Martini tenor saxophones

Marcus Martini tenor saxophones

Marcus Martini tenor saxophones    20:03 on Saturday, May 24, 2003          
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I`m a up coming high school junior, and im looking to replace the sax i have had since 7th grade, so naturally i have been looking on e-bay due to price range. Well marcus martini has been at a decent price range and are good looking saxes, but no bids. I was curious if anyone knows about the Martini brand, whether it`s worth the money or worth the garbage can, so i can make a good decsion. So any feedback would be much appreciated.

Re: Marcus Martini tenor saxophones    18:44 on Monday, May 26, 2003          
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i have never heard of them before. i know that you can get a brand called antigua winds(this is what I have) for cheap and they are an eccelant sax. They are based on the yamaha design, most models play better, nad you can get one for about a forth of the price of a yamaha. MIne is stepup model that cost me about $800 bucks.

Re: Marcus Martini tenor saxophones    08:59 on Sunday, June 08, 2003          
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Go to this site. Scroll down. Go to "What brand/model is good for me?"

Re: buying a sax    02:35 on Friday, June 13, 2003          
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hey, i`m a tenor sax player, and I learnt on a yamaha student instrument. It was alright, til i got something better!! i`ve got a keilwerth, which is fantastic. Its worth bout AUD$4000, so i won`t be replacing it in a hurry.

Before i bought it i`d did heaps of research, and i never came across martini. I mean THE sax brand is selmer, particularly for more antique saxes, but lets not get into their price range. Yamaha are always good quality (as in, you`re assured that what you get is a decent instrument) but the actual quality of design is more suited to beginners. Yani`s are much the same as the yamaha.

I do love my keilwerth, though. Its in the black finish; its a beatiful instrument, and you`d be amazed that the different finishes (either gold, silver or black nickel) produce completely different sounds.

If you`re looking for something to last, shy away from brands that no-ones heard of. You`re better of with your standard yamaha than something dodgy. You`ll find that there are often brands that are really just "sweatshop" (to use the term loosely) manufactured, and they have a fancy name attached to make them sound posh. my guess is that this martini is somewhere in that league. So do your research - forums like this are good help, but you should really go and start trying some saxes.

Go and try and few; go to some music stores, and see what you can find out. I discovered how much i loved keilwerths at a woodwind conference/festival thing, and they had instruments on display. Its the way to do it - try as many as you can, with different mouthpieces, reeds, etc, and try and get as much proffessional advice as possible. Look up some of the pros and see what brands they use. Most`ll be vintage selmers, but you will find them on advandced models of other brands.

Good luck with your search!!

Re: Marcus Martini tenor saxophones    17:07 on Saturday, April 10, 2004          
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i would look for the saxophones made in like the 50s because there heavier at the horn ( i have them alto and tenor) wich makes it have a better sound....although their alot more expensive.... but in the long run.... it would be by far the best choise

Re: Marcus Martini tenor saxophones    01:21 on Wednesday, June 09, 2004          
(Robert Graves)
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well...myself i own a marcus martini alto sax.its beautiful! satin silver finish with gold keys and a polished silver engraving. it was well worth the money to me just for the looks. then the responce from it is nice too. i was using a marching made yamaha alto but it was too bright of a sound for me. well this one instantly made it easier for me to give a dark or bright tone at my discretion of what to play. well i would say its well worth the dollar. the only thing i would say is to be aware of the new octive mechanisms on the newer saxes. ive notice on my alto and tenor the same mechanism and they are both fauly. its the ones on most of the 02-03 models. im not sure if its on the 04 model though...


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