Re: Marching w/ Bari Sax

Re: Marching w/ Bari Sax

Re: Marching w/ Bari Sax    20:30 on Saturday, April 26, 2008          

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Posted by PlainEd

We never had a thought against having the bari in marching band almost 40 years ago. Two of us used whatever neck straps were available - no harnesses then on the football field or for lengthy (numerous miles) marches in parades such as the Rose Bowl and Gasparilla Festival while I was in my HS program. I also played professionally a # of years, swinging the bari for hours on stage during gigs which included horn choreography. I don't think we were any "tougher" back then than younger folks are now. Go for it!

Re: Marching w/ Bari Sax    22:27 on Saturday, April 26, 2008          

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Posted by ClarinetGuy

the bass clarinet really isnt that hard to march with, like many people have said already, every instrument has its challenges when it comes to marching. just because an instrument is large doesnt mean you cant march with it. if that were the case, then i guess we'd better get ride of sousaphones, and bass drums. the bass clarinet is hard to hold up standing, yes, but have you ever tried to hold a tenor or bari sax standing up? however, if you use a neck strap, most of those problems are solved...laeta puella, you are right that some of these instruments arent always necessary with a strong low brass section, but ours isnt all that strong, so when we were faced with the sudden situation of having such a small low brass section, a few of us woodwinds decided switching to bari sax and bass clarinet would be easier than learning trombone or baritone

Re: Marching w/ Bari Sax    15:34 on Friday, May 02, 2008          

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Posted by saxplayaty

well i think its pretty easy marching with a bari because if you think about it there not that heavy i use an alto neck strap not a harness only because i used to play the altobut its not that hard people jk it sucks


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