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Posted by superior15jags

ok a bunch of frends and i are doing a saxophone quartet does any kno where i can get a lady gaga medly , a rhianna medly and a beyonce medley for saxophone quartet

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Posted by Scotch


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Posted by C_Schwan

What a neat idea! I would look to the legends like Lester Young and Dexter Gordon for inspiration. They will help you understand all the dimensions of the sax. If you are interested in hearing more, I would go to I actually work for Pop Market and I constantly get discounts on legendary music collections. I know for a fact they have a killer box set of Dexter Gordon for under $60. I was actually considering buying it myself. I am looking to add some jazz to my collection. I would love to hear your renditions once they are done. Sounds really great.

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Posted by mrsoundlab

I've got a arrangement of Sting's Every breath you take here, if you are interested. It's for ss,as,ts and bs.


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