Need advice on purchasing a saxophone..

Need advice on purchasing a saxophone..

Need advice on purchasing a saxophone..    12:39 on Wednesday, February 08, 2012          

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Posted by minder21

Okay so I'm starting this recording project where I play guitar, drums, bass, and sax

The songs are a mix of surf, rockabilly, blues, and a touch of ska/raggae

I'm looking for a beginner saxophone that can have both that velvety warm blues sound AND that bright punchy ska sound-- the former is more important to me than the latter.
My budget is tight (only 300 or so) so any suggestions on cheap student horns that are worth the buy? Is ebay too risky-- I was looking at this King cleveland alto from the 60s which was referential by the seller (

I have considered the Yamaha YAS-23 as well, whichis apparently the "gold standard", as far as beginner horns go-- but on all the youtube videos of folks playing this horn it sounds a little too bright for me, not a warm enough tone... is this a good horn for blues?

I know this is alot of questions but I'm so overwhelmed here...

Re: Need advice on purchasing a saxophone..    11:28 on Sunday, February 19, 2012          

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Posted by contra448

1. you won't get much for $300. If new they will be getting towards the worst of the far eastern ISOs (Instrument shaped objects) & if used the likelyhood is that they have been well used & need a good few $$$ spent on to put into GWO.
2. I would not take too much notice of what any instrument sounds like on You-tube - quality of recording, room acoustic, mic positioning & loudspeaker will affect how it sounds.(Many recordings are done with the mic stuck down the bell which gives a totally false impression of what the real sound is). Also the reed, mouthpiece &, above all, the player make an incredible difference to the sound.


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