For sale - Keilwerth ST-90 Tenor sax, excellent cond., with demo video

For sale - Keilwerth ST-90 Tenor sax, excellent cond., with demo video

For sale - Keilwerth ST-90 Tenor sax, excellent cond., with demo video    10:59 on Friday, November 16, 2012          

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Posted by buzzerglass

I am offering for sale this Keilwerth ST-90 Series IV Tenor Saxophone.

[Photos and video down below]

I got it from a guy who took up the sax and played this horn briefly and then decided he wanted to play Alto instead. I would guess it has been played less than 10 times.

Keilwerth has made saxophones since 1925, and they have an excellent reputation. They are often compared to Selmer.

Keilwerth saxes made in Germany generally have an MSRP of $3000-4000 and up. They wanted to make a sax for the student/intermediate player at a lower price, so they hired a company in Taiwan to make the ST-90. It is made to Keilwerth standards and it is a great value horn.

I have played it and find it a lot of fun. The low notes come out easily with lots of punch and 'meat'. Keywork is modelled after the Selmer Mark VI and has a nice action.

I made a short demo video of me tooting some melodies so you get an idea how she sounds.

* Bell diameter: 5.25" (133mm)
* Weight: 5lb 12oz (2.6kg)
* Range from low Bb to high F#
* Plastic thumb rest, adjustable in height and angle
* Key inlays of imitation of mother of pearl, without metal rim
* Tilting Bb key for the left hand little finger
* Easy operating octave mechanism
* Detachable bow, easy to repair
* Includes case, mouthpiece, ligature, and padded neck strap

This saxophone:
- Hardly used, played less than ten occasions
- Gold lacquer is flawless except some tiny scuffs shown (see the video)
- Case is in excellent condition, looks brand new
- Includes the stock mouthpiece and ligature. Mouthpiece may have small marks from being used a few times
- Includes neck strap

Here is a review I found on the internet -
"As a teacher I see loads of "student" model horns and I have to say I like the ST90! It has a great tone, intonation is decent and the name is a good thing to have when reselling! (I think that it plays better than Selmer USA students)!"

Demo video (go easy on me, I have not played in years)

Video overview showing the cosmetic condition of the sax

Photo gallery:

I can take any additional photos upon request.

I cannot find the North American MSRP, but in Britain the recommended retail price is 982.50 before tax, equivalent to approx $1,574USD.

I'm asking $1099 (USD or CAD). FREE shipping within contiguous USA/Canada.

I will bubble wrap it and box it myself to protect it during shipping. Or we can arrange a pickup or meetup in Toronto/GTA.

Happy playing, regards


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