2013 Taiwan Taichung Saxophone Competition

2013 Taiwan Taichung Saxophone Competition

2013 Taiwan Taichung Saxophone Competition    03:26 on Tuesday, July 09, 2013          

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2013 Taichung Saxophone Competition
Application Information
Houli—the original “hometown” for Taiwan’s saxophone production—remains a key
global hub for the manufacture of musical instruments. In recent years, cultural and
creative industry concepts have been adopted towards the goals of promoting Houli’s
instrument-making industry and boosting local businesses. Related to this is
collaboration with the Taichung Jazz Festival, a landmark annual event for Taichung
city, to organize the 2013 Taichung Saxophone Competition. The vision for this
competition is to provide a venue for musicians from around the world to share
experiences and exchange information with each other in order to improve the breadth
and width of Taiwan’s musicians and music scene, promote jazz music and
instruments, and gain local and international recognition, thereby maximizing the
synergistic impact of this event.
◎Organizer: Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government
◎Coordinator: Summit Brand Marketing Co., Ltd
◎Qualifications: This competition is open to all jazz saxophone players, regardless of
nationality or age.
◎Application Deadline: August 30, 2013, 18:00 (TWT)
◎Application Methods
Complete the application form and send it by mail, or deliver it to our office in person.
Application forms can be downloaded at http://www.culture.taichung.gov.tw/ or
a. Submissions via mail:
Please mail (postmarked no later than Aug. 30, 2013) the completed application
form and 2 DVDs (music video for preliminary round, limited to jazz) to the
following address:
2013 Taichung Saxophone Competition
1F, No. 54, Lane 103, Xinsheng S. Rd., Sec. 1
Da’an Dist., Taipei City 10652
Taiwan (R. O. C.)
Note: Please use delivery services which allow you to track your mail.
b. Submissions in person:
Please deliver the completed application form and 2 DVDs (music video for
preliminary round, limited to jazz) to 1F, No. 54, Lane 103, Xinsheng S. Rd., Sec.
1, Da’an Dist., Taipei City 10652, Taiwan (R. O. C.) before August 30, 2013.
Please note “2013 Taichung Saxophone Competition” on the cover.
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (except national holidays)
◎Application Requirements (Please include all of the following items)
a. Completed application form with one passport-size color photograph of the
applicant (2’’ high definition, frontal head and shoulder shot) attached to it.
b. A photocopy of the applicant’s Taiwan (R.O.C.) ID card or foreign passport.
c. 2 performance DVDs for the preliminary round: Choose one jazz piece and make
a video recording no more than five minutes in length. Convert it to NTSC
format, and make two copies of standard DVDs (VOB format, which includes
two folders with video and audio for DVD players); or MPEG/AVI files (640 x
480 or 720 x 480 resolution, 30 fps) for computers. Please specify the applicant’s
name and the piece title on each DVD disc.
d. A copyright agreement with the applicant’s signature and date.
◎Competition Format
Jazz saxophone performance: Contestants can either bring their own ensemble or choose
to be accompanied by a trio jazz ensemble (drums/bass/piano) provided by the organizers.
◎Program (performers will be notified of any time/location changes, which will also
be posted on the event website)
a. Preliminary Round
The preliminary round will take place September 2-14, 2013 and will select 40
contestants for the semi-final round, based on their performance DVDs. Please
check the website for results, which will be posted on September 17, 2013.
b. Semi-Final Round
The semi-final round will take place at The Splendor Taichung Hotel on October
16, 2013. Jurors will select 15 out of 40 contestants for the final round.
c. Final Round
The final round will take place at The Splendor Taichung Hotel on October 18,
2013, when jurors will select one winner from among 15 candidates. The winner
will be announced immediately following the competition.
d. Awards Ceremony and Performance
The awards ceremony and performance will take place at the 2013 Taichung Jazz
Festival on October 19, 2013 (18:00-20:00 TWT).
◎Competition Order:
 The order of contestants in the semi-final round will be determined by lots.
Results will be posted on the website one week before the competition.
 The order of contestants in the final round will be decided in an open, fair
drawing by the contestants (or by the organizer if a contestant is absent).
Please refer to the official website of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taichung City
Government or go to http://www.taichungsaxophone2013.com.tw
◎Competition Rules
Final-round contestants are required to choose one saxophone from those provided by
the organizer for all three musical pieces they perform. Failure to comply with this
rule will result in disqualification. (Note: Please prepare your own saxophone
a. Preliminary Round
One videotaped elective jazz piece, no longer than 5 minutes.
b. Semi-Final Round
1. Assigned piece: Please select one piece from the following list:
(Playing time should not exceed 5 minutes.)
Title Note
1. Autumn Leaves Scores can be downloaded from the
2. Billie’s Bounce official website.
3. Summertime
4. Take the “A” Train
5. 望春風 Spring Breeze
6. 四季紅 Love in the Season
2. One elective piece (Playing time should not exceed 5 minutes.)
c. Final Round
Please select one piece for each of the three styles listed below:
(Total playing time should not exceed 15 minutes.)
1. Swing (medium or fast)
2. Ballade
3. Elective style (eg. bossa nova, funk, etc.)
1st: US$30,000 and medal
2nd: US$5,000 and medal
3rd: US$3,000 and medal
Special Prize: 1st through 5th place finishers in the final round will each receive one
medal and the saxophone they have selected to play in this round.
◎Grading criteria
Technique: 30%
Improvisation and Interpretation: 30%
Musicianship: 20%
Appearance and Stage Deportment: 10%
Accuracy: 10%
1. Please clearly indicate whether you will bring your own ensemble or will require the
use of a jazz trio ensemble provided by the organizer. Please specify the number
of performers and line-up on the application form if using your own ensemble.
2. Please wear formal dress during the competition. This will be considered under
the “Appearance and Stage Deportment” grading category.
3. In accordance with Taiwan income tax laws, prizes exceeding NT$20,000 will
taxed 10% for Taiwan citizens (20% for foreigners). The exact amount will be
based on exchange rate of that day.
4. The winner is required to collaborate with the organizer for two performances—a
concert at the 2013 Taichung Instruments Carnival and the opening concert for
the 2013 Taichung Jazz Festival. The time and location for each will be
determined by the organizer.
5. The winner is required to provide his/her portrait and usage authorization to the
instrument sponsor for promotional use for a one-year period.
6. Foreign contestants requiring certification of their participation should notify us
by email. Applicants are responsible for their accommodations, meals, visa,
and travel arrangements to and from the competition.
7. Please fill out the application form completely. Incomplete application forms
will not be accepted.
8. Application data files will not be returned.
9. If a contestant’s musical entries, registration information or attached documents
are found to involve plagiarism or misrepresentation, the organizer reserves the
right to disqualify the contestant from the competition, with any awarded prizes
returned to the organizer.
10. The competition schedule is subject to change at the organizer’s discretion; the
organizer has the authority to modify the time, locations and order for
contestants’ performances.
11. In accordance with the registration status and performance level of the
contestants, the jurors reserve the rights to adjust the number of candidates from
each stage of the competition, or to not award a prize for the final round.
12. Contestants must comply with the organizer’s rules and guidelines at the
organizer’s discretion.
13. The organizer has the right to modify the rules at their discretion.
◎ Contact Information
Emma Lin
Telephone: +886-2-2711-2320, ext. 106
E-mail: tcsaxophone2013@gmail.com
Website: http://www.culture.taichung.gov.tw/ and


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