Mouthpiece or Player

Mouthpiece or Player

Mouthpiece or Player    20:11 on Thursday, June 19, 2014          

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Posted by kenros

Hello all, I just became a member.

I have played alto all my life on and off over 35 years. A few weeks ago I purchased a Tenor Yamaha 62 iii. I found that the mouthpiece was to closed, had constant squeaks and very free blowing, it brings a Yamaha 4C, which has a 67 opening.

On the Alto I use a HR Meyer 5 which has a 71 opening and for me works great. Since my Meyer on Alto was great I purchased a Meyer 5 for tenor that has a 76 opening, but I am still having squeaks.

Question: Is it me that needs to get used to Tenor or do I need a different mouthpiece, I can still return it. I deeply appreciate comments and advise


Re: Mouthpiece or Player    14:26 on Wednesday, June 25, 2014          

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Posted by contra448

It is quite common to have problems when changing the size of instrument - flute to piccolo, oboe to english horn, clarinet to bass, bassoon to contrabassoon. You need to think of it as a different instrument & adjust to the different sized mouthpiece(put more into your mouth) & a use a more relaxed embouchure, also more air is needed. There is also a possibility that the instrument needs adjustment - even new instruments are sent out by stores in need of tweaking.
I expect all will come right with a bit of practice.
Good luck.


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