New to the Alto Saxophone

New to the Alto Saxophone

New to the Alto Saxophone    10:01 on Wednesday, April 8, 2015          

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Posted by vinzenzo

I am new to the Alto Later in life age 53, no musical background but always, always loved Jazz and the SaXOPHONE. I decided to pull the trgger. I love it even though I sound like a Sick Duck. HEHEHE. Anyway look forward to learning a lot on this site. Vinny

Re: New to the Alto Saxophone    14:20 on Monday, July 13, 2015          

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Posted by sgoddard14

Same here! Although I have sung in a choir for a very long time, both of my kids are musicians. My son teaches instrumental music at a community college, and my daughter played alto sax in jazz and marching band through high school and marching band in her freshman year of college. She gave it up since it took up so much time in college and there were other things she wanted to do so I picked up her sax and gave it a try...ugh! I'd always wanted to play the alto sax, so my husband told me to take lessons if I was serious and I'm still taking lessons 2 years later and love it! I play in an instrumental ensemble at church and thinking about joining the local community band.

Re: New to the Alto Saxophone    20:12 on Tuesday, July 21, 2015          

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Posted by jonesthesax

53 yrs of age as is I is. No experience of reading music or playing any kind of instrument, except tapping my fingers on a desk at periodic intervals...!
Just bought my first alto and having lessons, but finding the memorising of notes very difficult....maybe the age :-)


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