New Saxophone player

New Saxophone player

New Saxophone player    17:02 on Friday, December 26, 2003          
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I want to start learning the tenor saxophone. I`m already quite an experienced drummer and pianist, so sight reading isn`t really a problem. I would be grateful if anyone can answer some questions I have:

First of all, can you recommend me any fairly good beginner`s tenor saxes. I`m still not sure about my budget, so if you could give me a few ideas then that would be great.

Also, as I am a beginner, would it be best to get lessons? Would it be a big problem if I `taught myself` through the use of books etc.?

Finally, can anyone recommend some good sax songs/artists to listen to? I already listen to a lot of jazz, I own a few John Coltrane CDs etc, is there anything else in particular you could recommend?

I`d appreciate any help I can get with these questions.

Many thanks.

Re: New Saxophone player    04:58 on Saturday, December 27, 2003          
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I am new to tenor sax (my first instrument I got Christmas day).
The sax I am starting on (in the UK) is a Hanson (from Hanson Clarinets, bought direct to save 50% off retail price). I was told to stay away from cheap "Indian and Chineese" saxes (from off ebay)and buy from a reputable dealer who gives a warranty. Secondhand can end up costing more than new if it needs any replacement parts or servicing.

I am going to have some lessons, to teach me how to avoid unwanted notes/squeeks through the mouthpeice. But have started using beginners books first, and started to learn to read music.

Billy Joel songbook has music for most instruments in it, use google and search for "TheBillyJoelSongbook.pdf", there is a free copy available, but it needs to be printed with an A3 printer really (unless you can work out how to print it with an A4).

Re: New Saxophone player    09:00 on Saturday, December 27, 2003          
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Welcome to both of you. For the fellow looking for a horn I myself believe Yamaha 20 series or Selmer Bundy 2 series is the best bang for the buck starter horns. For a couple of hundred extra you could shop and find a Yamaha 50 or 60 series which is a much better horn quality fit and finish wise. Depends on what you want to spend. Both of you can go to this is the best teaching website on the net. Good Luck

Re: New Saxophone player    03:58 on Saturday, January 03, 2004          
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Thanks for the reply. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

Re: New Saxophone player    18:21 on Saturday, January 03, 2004          
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Hi, I`m not too familiar with the saxophone but am interested in starting playing, so I have a couple questions.

1. Is there a significant difference between an Alto and a Tenor? Is one easy to play than the other, is one better suited for a certain age group, and such?

2. What would be the best brand of either for somebody on a rather conservative budget?

Thanks to anybody that can provide me with some information!

Re: New Saxophone player    18:23 on Saturday, January 03, 2004          
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Oh, and I`m also an experienced pianist and violinist.

Re: New Saxophone player    21:00 on Wednesday, January 07, 2004          
(Don Says)
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If you are going to play the sax
and think it`s going to be easy, well It`s not.
Find a teacher that is a pro. Have him or her find you a cheap horn that
doesn`t leek. If you are over 18 you want to practice 3 hours a day. Tone is
everything. Just like any good singer. Start on the tenor if you are thinking
about playing alto and bari later. Get a good sound on tenor - you will get a good
sound on alto. If you already play another instrument it doesn`t matter. You will
start at the very beginning. Listen to good sax players like Cannonball,Dexter,John,
Stan-people like that. Don`t listen to Kenny G until you have been playing for at
least 10 years. If you want to sound like Kenny you will, but
you are only going to be able to play in that style. You will sound like everyone
else(boring). If your wife or girlfriend complains about your practicing get rid of her.
Most beginners will quit in one year. If you want to be a professional all I can say is


Re: New Saxophone player    17:56 on Tuesday, January 13, 2004          
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I would reccomend a Jupiter tenor sax. They`re affordable, and have a great sound for the price.


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