Bass Recorder in F

Bass Recorder in F

Bass Recorder in F    21:55 on Thursday, April 05, 2007          

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For our madrigal next year, my band director suggested that I learn the bass recorder (I'm just assuming in F). Is this an awkward instrument to play, judging by how it looks? And are there any "special" requirements?

Re: Bass Recorder in F    11:35 on Saturday, April 14, 2007          

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Posted by SimpsonSaxGal

I've never played a bass recorder, however I know a few people that have. I believe it requires a much bigger breath, but still with the soft intensity. Depending on the type of recorder you get, the finger holes might be really far apart. Have fun with it!

Re: Bass Recorder in F    20:05 on Saturday, April 14, 2007          

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Posted by bukowski

again i have never played one either but from talking to people i have heared that there is a "time lag" between the breath being made and the note playing (due to the distance the breath has to travel)...sure once you are used to this it is not a problem and becomes second nature to anticipate it...but from what i have heared it can cause problems to begin with...however if your band leader has suggested it s/he obveously thinks you have the skill to be able to play it...and hey if they are prepared to provide the instrument then go for it (if just for the experence...i mean they arn't cheap instruments...)
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Re: Bass Recorder in F    03:23 on Sunday, April 29, 2007          

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Posted by anders101

I've played one before but they are quite heavy (or it might just be me since 11) and there is a pause between when you blow and the sound coming out. If you do try it though, if you work at it you should be okay.

Re: Bass Recorder in F    08:49 on Tuesday, May 29, 2007          

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Posted by loulou

I am learning the bass.
It does take a lot of air but this can be manages by carefull phasing for breath points.

I have the plastic Yamaha and the Kueng Superio in plum. I recommend the Yamaha (or Nova, or Aurlos) for starters as they have the bent neck so no noticeable delay, aren't too heavy and have a number of keys. The price is pretty reasonable for all the features. They all come with a neck strap which pretty well solves the weight problem.
The bent neck and keys make the reach manageable.
The sound is gloriously mellow.

I recently posted a short bass piece on Recorder Haven "" under the "Play for Us" section if you want to hear one. This was the Kueng.


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