Recorder for beginner

Recorder for beginner    09:30 on Thursday, February 7, 2008          

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Posted by jmoutinho

Hi all!

I was thinking of getting a recorder to start playing, and I'm leaning towards one of these two:

Moeck Rondo 2200 ( )
Mollenhauer Canta 2106 ( )

Which one should I choose?

Also tell me if either are a good starter recorder.


Re: Recorder for beginner    19:34 on Thursday, April 17, 2008          

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Posted by mira191

I don't think the matter is so much which you get, but from whom you get it. There is always some variability in the quality of voicing with any model of wood recorder. This is especially true of the lower priced models that do not go through a careful, expert, hand voicing. Although one is hestitant to use absolutes in discussions like this, I will say that you should NEVER buy a wood recorder from a place that does not give you the option of returning it for refund or exchange. For those sellers who offer a trial period, you will probably be required to cover the shipping costs for a return, but that is better than being stuck with a bad recorder. If you are in the USA, I have had good experience with Bill Lazar:


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