For Sale - Moeck Hotteterre Tenor; Moeck Steenbergen Soprano; Morgan Special Edition Denner Alto

For Sale - Moeck Hotteterre Tenor; Moeck Steenbergen Soprano; Morgan Special Edition Denner Alto

For Sale - Moeck Hotteterre Tenor; Moeck Steenbergen Soprano; Morgan Special Edition Denner Alto    16:26 on Sunday, October 26, 2008          


Hi there -

I'm a recorder player who has been playing for over 10 years, but I am primarily a violinist. For this reason, I have a number of instruments which have been minimally played. With regard to the three instruments I am selling here, I have not played them for longer than 2 hours, in keeping with a strict breaking in policy. Essentially they are new. All three have exceptional tonality and intonation, suffering from no defects, either tonally or physically - I just simply have not had the time to dedicate to them. However, they have not been played at all in a few months, have been stored in their cases, and therefore will require breaking in as new instruments.
I have been an eBay seller since 1998, and have 100% feedback. I will ship all instruments free of charge - you are essentially obtaining a new instrument- all I ask is that you play them as they deserve to be played!
I will post a link to my Flikr site for photos of each instrument - rest assured that these are pictures of the actual instrument you will be receiving:

Hotteterre Tenor in C, stained maple, double holes, baroque fingering, A=440Hz

The Hotteterre tenor has a powerful and warm sound in all registers. The instrument is most suitable for solo playing and its extended compass of 2 1/2 octaves gives access to the baroque flute literature. Because of their considerable length the instruments have keys for the lower notes.

This recorder has been branded with an anchor. The anchor symbol belonged to Jean Hotteterre and his descendants - a very influential French family of woodwind instrument makers and composers in the 17th and 18th century with a widely spread family tree. Two of three recorders branded with this symbol are to be found in the Musée de la Musique in Paris, one belonging to the Frans Brüggen collection in Amsterdam.
The Hotteterre tenor recorder has a consistently large and warm tone in all registers. It is especially suited to solo-playing since its range of 2 1/2 octaves gives in general access to the baroque flute repertoire. In addition it has proved successful in use in contemporary music, with its strong low register and volume of tone.
Designed by recorder maker Ralf Ehlert, this instrument was cited as "best of available tenors" in Ameican Recorder Magazine, November, 2004
The tenor comes with a hard case, cleaning rod and joint lubricant.
As an additional incentive, I will include free of charge a hand-cast fleur-de-lis thumbrest of solid brass, sold by the von Huene shop. The thumbrest costs $35. It has cork on the underside for additional comfort. This rest is a wonderful - and practical - touch to this fine recorder!
Asking $1250, which includes shipping.

Jan Steenbergen Soprano (Moeck)

The Steenbergen series was designed by Guido Klemisch after an original by the Dutch maker Jan Steenbergen (1675-1728) which is in the Frans Bruggen collection in Amsterdam. The recorders have a narrow windway which offers a good degree of resistance, facilitating greater dynamic and expressive variation. As a result, they are elastic in dynamics and articulation, even with varying air pressure.
As with all Moeck recorders, the intonation is excellent and the bright, warm tone of this model is particularly effective in the upper register, making it highly suitable for performing the most demanding Baroque repertoire.
This Steenbergen soprano has been constructed of Indian boxwood and is pitched at a=440.
The recorder includes a deluxe hard case with cardboard cover, cleaning rod and joint lubricant.
Asking $499, which includes shipping.

Morgan Special Edition Denner Alto (Mollenhauer )

A limited supply of the Morgan edition instrument have been manufactured. This instrument is modeled after the Copenhagen original instrument of Jacob Denner (1681-1735), with modern pitch (a=440Hz), in Zapatero boxwood, and is historically stained.
The tone holes are strongly undercut with reduced diameters. The design produces the characteristic high-baroque sound qualities: Stability of pitch, modulation and dynamic range. Demanding players will find them excellent for both solo and consort work.
The instrument has been tuned carefully over an extended period of time, ensuring precise intonation for the advanced and professional player or performer. The thumb hole bushing provides attractiveness and additional durability. The joints are threaded, as was done in the case of the historical instruments.
The alto also comes in a fine soft leather case.
Asking $999, which includes shipping.

Feel free to contact me at for any inquiries.


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