Hi, new here and have a question

Hi, new here and have a question    11:31 on Saturday, March 28, 2009          

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Posted by T4R

Hi folks,
I am not really a recorder player although I play in a group with others who do - my instrument is flute, sax and recently piccolo.
I bought a bass recorder last year because I had always wanted to try one, and got a stunning instrument (which is beyond my brain power to play and do justice!), thing is I have no idea who made it or how old it is - would love to know, but how do I find out?
It's a wooden bass, with a crook (do I remember rightly this is also called a bocal?), rather than being direct blown. It is in the most amazing condition, looks to have been played very little although I got it secondhand. It has the letters GDR stamped on one section, and I cant work out whether this relates to a maker or the country of origin - the latter would make it from Germany I believe and could help with dating if indeed it does refer to the country?
Any thoughts or suggestions as to where I could look to try and find out more info about it?
Whilst I am looking to sell it soon, I am curious to learn more about it before I do sell it on.

Re: Hi, new here and have a question    22:09 on Monday, June 8, 2009          

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Posted by bicycle

Have you tried one of the antiques site on the web? Or, question if anyone has one for sale & ask for a discription & price?

That's all I can offer right now,

Re: Hi, new here and have a question    18:09 on Friday, October 2, 2009          

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Posted by Swily_Staff

All I can say now is:Learn some germin


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