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soprano brands    11:19 on Monday, September 27, 2010          

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Posted by necronio

I already have a soprano recorder (an angel one).
I would like to upgrade my recorder cause it's sound is a bit crappy.
Please tell me if you have any experience in any of these models:
Hohner (9509), Yamaha 24B, Yamaha 302B, Mollenhauher 505 swing.
Which one has the best sound?
Thanks in advance.

Re: soprano brands    15:30 on Friday, October 15, 2010          

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Posted by eastonj

When i played the recorder i played the Yamaha and it sounds great and it's lasted me 7 years so i would go with one of those.

Re: soprano brands    08:57 on Sunday, January 2, 2011          

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Posted by mandrew

The Yamaha 300 series is generally regarded to be the best of the plastics by many. The 302B would be my suggestion, but Aulos also makes a very good plastic. I would stay away from the cheaper Yamaha plastics and stay with the 300 series.

Re: soprano brands    09:41 on Friday, January 7, 2011          

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Posted by whispersoftly

I had really good luck with my Yamaha until I fell on
I cant remember the number it was..

I had to replace it with a Gill brand one The musical instrument store I go to was out of all other recorders but these ones and I didnt want to wait for they're shipment.. .. it works quite good.

I was quite surprised by my clear pink one I bought in a dollarstore (couldnt resist lol ) it works nearly as good as my yamaha did

I also have a dolmetch nova recorder. it's very mellow sounding. I had to fix an airleak on it when I got home, with some glue and it works good now..its actually quite nice sounding.

I am going to the instrument store today or early next week in hopes they have Yamaha's in. I will buy 2 lol


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