Dollar store recorders...

Dollar store recorders...    11:36 on Saturday, January 22, 2011          

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Posted by masa08

I bought a recorder from the dollar store recently because it is easily acessible to get to a dollar store. But there are pitch problems with the recorder. Some notes make a high squeeky sound instead of the right tone...
Is this the flaw of a cheap recorder or is it something to do with my breathing or finger postioning?
I have not played a recorder in over 15 years so I forget a lot of the techniques.


Right now I am just getting back into playing a recorder and I did not want to buy a nice instrument until later when I can decide if I like playing it and want to advance.
I own a professional flute but its not with me so I just bought a recorder to pass time and play cute childrens songs for my son.

Re: Dollar store recorders...    12:43 on Wednesday, January 26, 2011          

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Posted by whispersoftly

I have a few from the dollar store. 2 squeak no matter what, the others are fine. I think it comes down to the quality.
When you get one from the dollar store just make sure to look at where the pieces join together (all mine are 3 piece not so easy to do with all 1 piece)make sure they fit together good with no gaps anywhere around the joints and dont have cracks around the mouth piece anyway..maybe just go back and compare the ones in the store and get the best fitting one you can..or just make sure your not blowing too hard. blowing too hard will make even the best of them squeak.

Re: Dollar store recorders...    23:50 on Wednesday, January 26, 2011          

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Posted by Whisk

Could be either or both. If you feel like it's impossible to get a nice sound, it's probably the recorder. I've found for around $10 sopranos that are reliable for playing just for fun, like it sounds like you're doing, so it might be worth looking into a slight upgrade.

Re: Dollar store recorders...    08:36 on Thursday, January 27, 2011          

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Posted by whispersoftly

I recently just bought a new Yamaha 24B. I'm pleased with it..cost me $6.50 plus tax at a musical instrument store cant beat them... but like I said I have some from the dollarstore that are great, quite warm sounding... but you have to look over them very carefully


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