Recorder brand Lyons and Harmony, are good?

Recorder brand Lyons and Harmony, are good?    07:21 on Thursday, April 21, 2011          

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Posted by MusicXXI


I recognize only the Yamaha as well relative to Recordes, because I am Brazilian and only Yamaha is marketed in Brazil, but there are other brands abroad that might be good too, but I dont know because not marketed here.
(Do not know if I can post the link here, the reference model of these flutes I've seen) anyone know these two brands below: ... 286 & sr = 1-8

and ... 703 & sr = 1-1

Has anyone tried one of these?

And compared with Yamaha, the difference is stark?



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the links:


Re: Recorder brand Lyons and Harmony, are good?    13:00 on Friday, April 22, 2011          

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Posted by IplayRecorder

This looks like the make that a friend of mine was importing from China to the U.S. I am NOT CERTAIN, but I think it is. I would recommend the Yamaha line over this brand.

The finger holes on the bass were not very good and the over all tone and volume was not adequate on all the instruments. The other big line for plastic recorders is Zen On, also from Japan. is in California and ships all over the world. Bill Lazar has extremly good prices and is also a recorder player. You could e-mail him and can ask his opinion on all 3 brands. He is VERY honest and knowledgable.


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