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Posted by Annix

Hi everybody,
I've been thinking a little about the materials recorders are made from and what health effects they may have in the long run. I have not yet spent a lot of time on this research, but so far it seems the only conclution I can draw is that opinions differ...

About ABS it is often said that the final product is inert and non-toxic, at least as long as there are no traces of lead or other toxics. At the same time it is well known that ABS deteriorates from sunlight over time, which makes me hezitate and doubt that there won't be any leakage at all of poisonous chemicals.

Then there are the wooden recorders. The block in their mouthpieces are typically made from cedar, a wood known to contain poisonous substances. Whether or not it is dangerous at all to humans in the form of a recorder seems unclear from what I have found.

So friends, what are your thoughts about this? What kind of recorder would you rather put into your child's or your own mouth, regarding only the health aspect?


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