Application of all Greek Modes in Recorder

Application of all Greek Modes in Recorder    13:49 on Saturday, May 2, 2015          

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the modes on this file:

You can easily click the following on the above link
Though the language is Greek the charts and modes can easily be learnt (music is international language)

Byzantine vs Folk Traditional
C major 1st octave
C major 2nd octave
F major
D Dorian Mode
D Romanian minor
D Minor Natural
E Phrygian mode (Ousak)
E Phrygian Dominant mode (Hitzaz)
D Harmonic minor
D Niavent mode
Transportation in recorder
Microphones for recorders
Famous Pieces
Lane Moje :
Weeping Eyes
20 melodies of many modes
415 Hz Baroque tuning (Guitar + Recorder)
Recorder + Guitar + Ready Drum Beats
Sound comparison of 3 different recorders (wooden and plastic)
Playing German Fingering Recorder you automatically play ZURNA ,too
Ready Greek Drum Beats


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