Recorder or Tin Whistle??

Recorder or Tin Whistle??    18:31 on Wednesday, December 1, 2004          
(Lost In North Dakota)
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Winters are long up north, and I am thinking of taking up a second instrument to go along with folk/fingerstyle guitar. Tin whistles and recorders are certainly non-pretentious, inexpensive, and pleasant folk instruments. I have a good ear for music, and can sight read treble clef on the piano or guitar, at least slowly.

Any thoughts on one versus the other? I would like to play slow, melancholy folk tunes....probably an alto would be better than a soprano for that?

Also, C vs. F recorders? Baroque tunings? Can anyone point me to a FAQ that explains it all?



Re: Recorder or Tin Whistle??    02:38 on Friday, December 3, 2004          
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From what I know, tin whistle has a shorter range than a recorder. Tin whistle can play songs that have F#,C`,C#` and G#.

C recorders are Soprano and Tenor
F recorders are Sopranino and Alto

Re: Recorder or Tin Whistle??    03:42 on Thursday, December 23, 2004          
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I can get 3 octaves out of a tin whistle...and a full chromatic scale throughout the range...the top octave is rather piercing though.


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