G#` help needed

G#` help needed    15:12 on Wednesday, March 19, 2003          
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When I attempt to play high g# on my recorder, I just get a horrible squeak! I`ve tried everything, from gradually sliding my thumb accross to making up my own alternitive fingerings. I`ve got a two to three year old baroque yamaha recorder (descant). Can you give me either an alternitive fingering or a tip to play it properly?

Re: G#` help needed    09:16 on Friday, March 28, 2003          
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high G#... pinch thumb, 2 fingers left, 1 finger right. right?

Its not that bad! Try blowing harder. Or blowing softer.... until you find the right breath. And make sure your fingers are all covering the holes, and that you`re pinching enough. You can try a small chromatic scale from high A, to G#, to G, to make sure you`re getting the right note.

Good luck!


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