whats happend?????

whats happend?????    18:16 on Saturday, September 23, 2006          

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Posted by bukowski

ok so i have got a problem at the minute...well i've got lots of problems but i'm only going to tell you about one!

whilst i might not be the worlds best singer i can useually hold my own quite well, however about 3 weeks ago i was practising and for some reason i was having trouble singing to the best of my abilities: (couldn't hit right notes consistenly, couldn't sustain them properly and just didn't have a nice timbre to my voice).

i put it down to just an off day and stoped practising, thinking "i'll rest and try again tomorrow". the next day the same, and the day after that!!!! whilst my voice has now recovered a little it is still not up to what i expect of myself.

i have a fully developed adult voice so it is nothing to do with the start of my voice breaking, i have not been unduly poorly, i am not smoking anymore than i normally would do (yes i know your all going to tell me off for smoking at all), and i have not to my knowledge stressed my voice.

the only thought i have had as to it. is that i have had a bit of a hurt heart (relationships not a heart attack!!) recently, the timing kinda fits for when i noticed my voice going wrong.

is this likely to affect my voice in this way? has anyone else ever noticed anything like this? or is there another reason why my voice might not be up to scratch at the minute?

heaps of love JamJar Jacob x

Re: whats happend?????    12:27 on Monday, September 25, 2006          

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Posted by AMB

In this time of year, it could very well be allergy related. Even if your sinuses are draining so little that you don't notice it, it can be enough to irritate your larynx. If that's your problem, take lots of vitamin C and drink warm green tea with honey.

Of course, if there's been a lot of crying involved with the recent heartbreak, that can also affect your voice in the same way as draining sinuses. Also the prolonged contriction of throat muscles associated with long bouts of sobbing can really wear down the throat and larynx muscles you need for singing. If that's the problem, the tea will help, but mostly you'll just need to rest until your muscles are recovered.

Re: whats happend?????    11:34 on Thursday, October 26, 2006          

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Posted by kishi

well i had some of those experiences.
yes, sometimes allergy is really involved...before i figured out that it was an allergy, i experienced choking and i had a hard time in hitting the right notes etc.


Re: whats happend?????    20:57 on Tuesday, October 31, 2006          

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Posted by music999man

I just recently had a relationship problem and have been singing better than ever. (please don't take that personally). I think you might have alergies, like the others have said, and you need to drink hot water right before you sing (it helps your vioce so well and I've been doing it for eight years). I found that drinking hot water can expand your vocal chords and ultimately stop you from using your throat when singing.

Re: whats happend?????    20:14 on Friday, November 10, 2006          

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Posted by bukowski

bit of feed back for you all voice now seems much better, heart feels quite a bit better, and some great songwriting came out of the whole experience! thanks for the advice
jamjar j


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