am i the only one???

am i the only one???    02:06 on Friday, October 13, 2006          

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Posted by namsis

i started singing with my guitarist friend recently and i noticed something that really botters me:
when i sing with only the sound of a guitar i get confused and i lose my rythem and i get on and off the scale of the songmany times butt
i feel much better and much comfortable sigins with playback or with a band who has a drummer and a bassist
and i wonder if it is normal or that it means that i'm not musically quallified to sing at all??

by the way when is ing to myself or play the guitar and sing i dont have those problems it only comes when someone play to me with only one guitar...

now i want to statrt a band butt i dont know if i am readdy after those problems

can you please give me some answer or tips to improve myslef,,,

Re: am i the only one???    11:20 on Thursday, October 26, 2006          

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Posted by kishi

hi namsis..

"am i the only one??" ----of course not!
if you're getting confused in singing wothout a drummer or a bassist, it doesn't mean you're not musicaly qulified.
everyone has a weakness that can be improved.

listen to the song again and again until you get the rhythm naturally...practice is really important.

good luck to you.



oops, sorry for the spelling errors.:)

Re: am i the only one???    18:30 on Thursday, November 2, 2006          

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Posted by music999man

Hey namsis,
It is quite alright that you can't sing with only one guitar. I have had that problem as well (I was playing it, though). I have also had that problem playing the piano as well and one of the things you can do is listen to the guitar part and then to the vocal part and over and over and over to get a good feel for it. Then practice the vocal part until you know it like the back of your hadn (practice makes perfect). Then you will be ready to sing the part with just onie guitar. Practice always makes perfect, even if you've performed the song so much that you are sick of it. Practice, practice, practice. Remember, don't get discouraged, just keep trying and sooner than you think, you will get the vocal part. Don't give up. Determination is another key to getting it. Thomas Edison said, "Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% pirspiration." Keep it up and I hope to hear from your band one day (after you get going and all). GOOD LUCK!!!

Re: am i the only one???    00:06 on Friday, November 3, 2006          

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Posted by namsis

wow thank you all
i am so eased to know that this is somying i can actually change be good at by training
and that's what i'm gonna do.
and i will loadup a song of my band as soon as i can..


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