Is this normal?

Is this normal?

Is this normal?    14:42 on Tuesday, December 26, 2006          

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Posted by polo_tottie

I recently decided I'd like to learn to sing properly and I'm waiting for my dad's friend to let me know when he can give me a lesson... anyway. My main thing is I want a vibrato and I read that it comes with practice, so I thought ok, I'll do a vocal warm-up. Now, I've done some acting so I know how to breathe properly and all that jazz, so I started off with the whole breathing from the belly thing and then went into humming, so my solar plexus was vibrating and my lips felt like they were buzzing, and went into 'MmmmaaaaaAAAAAAA's and it sort of felt like I'd turned into an airplane - like I was about to take off or something!

it was so odd, I can't really describe it, but it felt like someone had put a jet engine inside my head - like I could hear what was coming out of my mouth, but at the same time, my whole head was buzzing and there was another note knocking around in there that i could hear and was higher than the note that was coming out of my mouth... the only way i can really describe it is it was kind of like the noise an airplane makes when it's taking off - you have the basic note, which is what was coming out of my mouth, then another note that gets higher and higher - and that was what was in my head. - it was so completely bizarre!:O

is this normal??!?!?!?!? (if not, what the hell was going on up there?!?!)

Re: Is this normal?    12:56 on Wednesday, December 27, 2006          

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Posted by shelly_belly

this happens to me occassionally when I'm doing work on making my sound resonate but not usually when I do a vocal warm-up. To me it sounds like you were working your voice way too hard for it to be classed as a warm-up but maybe that's just me, still if you were just warming up, i'm intrigues and i wany to see what the other singers on here say in response to this.

Re: Is this normal?    23:06 on Tuesday, January 02, 2007          

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Posted by lady_creativity

the higher note that you heard might have been an overtone. ive only heard it once, during choir class. all 20 of our vowel shapes and tones were almots perfectly matched, and we all heard this other high note that none of us were singing. i guess it means you have a pure sound. as for your lips vibrating, that has happened to me whhile holding a really high note. is it normal? i have no idea.

Re: Is this normal?    17:03 on Wednesday, January 03, 2007          

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Posted by polo_tottie

fantastic! i'm not the only one then! lol thanks guys!! (btw - what do you mean by 'pure'? i don't know any singing jargon! lol)


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