Really bad days

Really bad days    23:11 on Monday, February 5, 2007          

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Posted by Angel_of_Muzik

Right now I seem to be consistent at being inconsistent. I have weeks when I do really great and lately I am having weeks where I can't sing in tune if my life depended on it. Sometimes I hit the right note and it sounds good but the rest of the time it sounds terrible. Is it normal to have a slump like this sometimes?

Also, any advice on how to get around this problem: I mostly sing alto range and when I try my higher notes, I can't seem to transition into them that easy. I can switch to chest voice very easily but not the other way. Does anyone else have that problem?

Re: Really bad days    21:36 on Tuesday, February 6, 2007          

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Posted by lady_creativity

i used to be like that in middle might have something to do with puberty and voice changing, but im no doctor. i also sometimes have trouble switching, but if you practice youll get it. when i first started singing in 6 grade, i sang straight from chest voice because i didnt know...but youll get it! keep it up!

Re: Really bad days    15:49 on Friday, February 9, 2007          

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Posted by pinkdiamonds

I kinda had the same problem when I started singing, but they were only singular occurances (my slumps never lasted more than one session at a time). Things like stress can affect your voice and some women get affected by their mentrual cycles as well. Also, make sure that you are well warmed up vocally. And you need to practice in between lessons. How long have you been singing for? And what sort of lessons do you take? (classical, pop etc?)

Re: Really bad days    22:48 on Tuesday, February 13, 2007          

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Posted by Angel_of_Muzik

Well I have been taking singing lessons for about 6 months now. I mostly do pop but we are moving into more classical. I do practice in between lessons although sometimes the time isn't there. my voice has been settling down now once I stopped worrying (and working) so much so maybe it was a stress thing. I get lots of practice time now tho...2 feet of snow and minus 30 Celsius weather will do that

Re: Really bad days    00:26 on Tuesday, March 6, 2007          

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Posted by kishi

practice, practice, practice


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