Sweeney Todd--should I audition?

Sweeney Todd--should I audition?

Sweeney Todd--should I audition?    22:14 on Wednesday, August 01, 2007          

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Posted by Trinitea

Hello everyone! I just found this website today, and this is my first post. I love theatre, and I love musicals as well--but I've never really been much of a singer, except for privately or in choir. I honestly don't feel that I have that good of a voice--or at least, I'm afraid that I don't. I really am considering auditioning for Sweeney Todd at a community theatre near me, though. I'd like you opinions first. I'm not auditioning for a major role or anything--just a chorus part--that is, if I do audition. I'd just like your opinions/input though. Would I make a complete fool of myself auditioning? Do I sound horrible? Should I go for it?

Any input would be great! Thanks!

The song I'm singing is "Green Finch And Linnet Bird" it's not the entire song, as I don't know the entire thing, lol. I feel a lot of the times I try and do a cheap imitation opera voice, that comes off disgusting...ehh...I dunno.



First attempt. I believe I at least at times sound better than these two trials. At least on some parts...I dunno.
Click here to watch First-attempt-at-singingrecording--green-finch-

Second Attempt: Click here to watch Second-attempt-at-singingrecording--green-finch-

Re: Sweeney Todd--should I audition?    12:48 on Thursday, August 02, 2007          

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Posted by ChiSun

It sounds pretty good but then again I know nothing about that style of music so I couldn't give you any pointers. I just thought I'd leave you a comment anyway though! Good Luck! I hope you decide to audition!

Re: Sweeney Todd--should I audition?    14:03 on Sunday, August 05, 2007          

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Posted by ottkaskjr

It sounded a bit shy, but I like your attitude. I think you should be more secure. What annoyed me, were those "appeared to be long notes" at the end of the phrases, which you cut off, you should hold them much longer, let them ring, do it with passion, you have beautiful voice. Long notes show how your voice really sounds. It seemed to me that you wanted to sing these long notes with vibrato, but that didn't come out as you wished, so you better stopped. I think it would be better then to sing them out with firm and full voice.
I don't know the song, but you should also use more legato, because it sounded a bit hashed in some parts.
This was only my opinion, but still it was so beautiful and it was good to hear something like that in this r'n'b and hiphop world.

Good luck!

Re: Sweeney Todd--should I audition?    16:39 on Wednesday, August 15, 2007          

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Posted by Concept

Firstly, you have the makings of a really nice voice - so keep going with it. And I'd say, do an audition for Sweeney Todd - there's certainly no harm in it, but personally, I'd sing a different song. There's no need to sing a Sweeney song just because that's what you're auditioning for. Pick a song that you're REALLY comfortable with, and that you know shows your voice off.

Green Finch and Linnet Bird is a very hard song. You've got the basic shape in these recordings, but I'm afraid there's a awful lot of miss-pitching and key-changing. This would really count against you if you sang it unaccompanied like that in an audition. You might be fine with the piano - but without hearing that, I have no idea.

Go back to the music/recording (I don't know how you work), and really concentrate on all the intervals. But don't give up - this is a notoriously difficult song, so you're doing well.

But, as I said, do the audition - but choose a song that shows you off to the best of your ability.


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