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Posted by tmerriweather08

Im a tenor and I sing a low Bass E to a A above middle C and in falsetto on the third E above middle C. I'm cluless when it comes to finding out how many octaves that is so if anyone would be kind enough please tell me how many octaves that is and whether that is a good range or not


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Posted by davide144

An octave refers to the distance between two notes of the same name. So between middle C and the C immediately above it is one octave. If you use scientific notation to designate octaves then all you need is simple math. If you number all the octaves of a piano starting with the lowest C as C1 then D1,E1,F1, etc. then C2,D2, etc. middle C is C4, the highest note on a piano is C8. So to figure out your range, the bass low E is E2, the third E after middle C is E6( E above soprano high C. Are you sure about this? this is one of the highest notes of a coloratura soprano). Since your lowest and highest notes are both E simply subtract the octave number of your lowest note from the highest note (6-2=4). This gives you a range of four octaves which is very impressive. Keep in mind many people lie about their range. Some by mathematical error, for example if one can sing four C's this is not a four octave range,C2,C3,C4,C5, (5-2=3) this is a three octave range. Or if one can sing in the seventh octave this is not a seven octave range (unless they can also sing lower than a piano). Also the range that many people brag about includes notes they hit in practice which they may not be able to perform. The lowest and highest notes I ever hit were on different days with different techniques. The lowest is Eb1 (the lowest Eflat on a piano) by vocal fry also called strohbass, I sing Bb2 very gravelly which causes it to sound an octave and a fifth lower. I can't do this on cue so I only do this in practice. The highest was E7(the highest note Mariah hits in Emotions) I only hit it for a split second and it was extremely faint. I also can't do this(or anything in the sixth octave) on cue because it takes too long to find the correct placement before any sound will come out. Eb1 to E7 is (7-1=6) six octaves which is nice to brag about but not my practical range. the lowest note I perform at Karaoke is E2(I usually screw it up or hit E3 instead) during Johnny Cash "Folsom Prison Blues" and the highest singing The Darkness "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" is A5(this is a bit of a strain). So my practical performance range is three octaves.


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