advice about PA systems/backline

advice about PA systems/backline

advice about PA systems/backline    21:09 on Thursday, November 15, 2007          

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Posted by bukowski

ok so i have recently been down to the tax office and managed to get a load of money back from them which is due to come in a week or two...

so heres the and my band have been rehersing with the vocals going though a 4 channel guitar amp...while this kinda works and has done us well for rehersals for the last year or two i think it is time to invest some of the windfall in a proper back line pa system for the vocals! but i really don't know where to start...any advice would be good.

I perform most of the vocals and useually there is a maxium of 2 of us singing (me and the drumer) like i say any help would be useful.
cheers jamjar jacob


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