singing and speaking from diaphram

singing and speaking from diaphram

singing and speaking from diaphram    18:55 on Tuesday, January 10, 2012          

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Posted by chiko

iam really confused .... could i speak and sing from the diaphram ? if it's yes so the problem is i have no low notes in my diaphram range .... otherwise ... if i can't use only diaphram for singing so i can't hit high notes ... so plz help

Re: singing and speaking from diaphram    01:57 on Saturday, May 12, 2012          

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Posted by CatDuet

You want to feel a line of air from low in the body, (but not necessarily a huge blast) in order to sing from the diaphragm. Try starting in a comfortably high spot in your voice, and siren down on an ah or other comfortable vowel. Go very slowly, and make it super-connected. Take a breath when you need one. By keeping the connection, and letting the feel of the vibrations in your face come forward, like a beak or a muzzle, you may be able to sing gently on the flow of air in your lower range. It is ideally a gradual process of learning pursued with a certified vocal instructor. Many things affect range.

Re: singing and speaking from diaphram    01:08 on Wednesday, July 11, 2012          

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Posted by foofer1

try to sing in a voice you can immatate like daffy duck or something and use that feel of voice in singing

Re: singing and speaking from diaphram    23:37 on Sunday, July 22, 2012          

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Posted by Ciera

Singing from your diaphragm is the best way to guarantee your vocal chords stay healthy. my choir teacher tells us to stick out our stomachs when we inhale in order to force us to push the air from down low, you should be able to do this throughout your whole range with no trouble if you're doing it right. it just takes practice

Re: singing and speaking from diaphram    19:14 on Sunday, December 09, 2012          

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Posted by janey123

I don't really like it when people refer to speaking / singing "from your diaphragm". The diaphragm is a large, sheet like muscle that moves down as you inhale and up as you exhale, creating lots of air for the lungs to expand and let air in. It is a completely involuntary muscle and therefore it is not possible that you can sing "from" it.

The diaphragm doesn't create the sound (the sound is created by your vocal cords) but instead it enhances your tonal quality through breath support.

If you want to get more power behind your voice, try to engage your intercostal muscles (the muscles between your ribs) and our stomach muscles - rather than thinking about it as your diaphragm that's doing the work.

A good exercise for working your support muscles is to put your hands on your hips (not your hip bones, just slightly above so you can feel the muscles working) and make a short, sharp Hiss sound. You should feel your hands coming out. These muscles should be engaged when you belt or if you want to sing loud or with a lot of power.

Hope that helps!

If you'd like me to answer any more questions on vocal technique feel free to message me on facebook:

Re: singing and speaking from diaphram    04:34 on Wednesday, January 09, 2013          

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Posted by emily39

You can't sing from your diaphragm. You sing from your lungs. The diaphragm can certainly help with projection, control, volume and vibrato. To make the most of your diaphragm, I suggest breathing exercises. They have great results, and there are many.


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