Singing with a Kindle

Singing with a Kindle

Singing with a Kindle    12:33 on Monday, December 24, 2012          

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Posted by eduv

Hello, have you ever tried reading a music score on a Kindle, or any small tablet for the matter? Well, most digital sheet music are formatted for a big paper size and in the pdf format, which becomes very hard to read on a smaller screen. I decided to create some sheet music that would be especially formatted to be read comfortably in small devices, and got some positive results. The first result of my experiment is a collection of Christmas Carols, in SATB arrangement, available in regular notes and in "shape notes": Heartfelt Carols. Christmas Songs for Tablets and e-Readers. Visit my website ( for free samples and see what I mean about fitting music on smaller screens.
I can't see how a tablet would be useful for reading music if you played the violin, or the piano, but for singing, and leisurely reading music, I think they should work well.
Any feedback on this idea is appreciated.


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