singer needs group/band

singer needs group/band

singer needs group/band    22:33 on Wednesday, February 27, 2013          

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Posted by ryjones88

Hi guys, my name is ryan im 24 years old i been singing all my life..i sing a wide variety of genres as through out the years ive taught myself to where i am now.

i will be posting up vids soon just getting up the courage to do it lol, never really sang in the open so thats why im a bit weiry of doing so, but people tell me to just go for it. i suffer with anxiety and the thing that makes me escape most is my passion for music. so i want people who wanna get out there with the same ambitions.

Re: singer needs group/band    12:08 on Tuesday, March 26, 2013          

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Posted by SALerusse

Hello Ryan, how are you?

I'm a guitarrist and a songwritter, I'm looking for vocalists to make cover of existing songs and maybe, in some time, to participate in the vocalisation of my own songs.
The question is if you'd like to participate and if you like the genres I'm interested in. One of the songs I'm making my own version of, is Metallica's Nothing Else Matters, I'm planning to do it on an acoustic/instrumental style, would you be interested in doing the vocal part?

S. Alex Lerusse


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