Free Singing e-books and Lessons!!

Free Singing e-books and Lessons!!

Free Singing e-books and Lessons!!    06:25 on Saturday, February 15, 2014          

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Posted by joelharrisonau

Hi everybody I've just launched my new vocal coaching website!

I thought I would start a topic here as people post regarding singing and lessons and technique from time to time.

On the site I have a mailing list that receives 25 FREE Singing Lessons and 3 FREE Singing e-books:
• Top 10 Things EVERY Singer MUST Know
• 10 Tips for A Healthy Singer
• FREE Singers Stretching Routine 

Additionally the site covers a little about myself, Skype teaching/prices and my three vocal products:
• Think Better, Sing Better
• Daily Vocal Workout
• VoxNinja 5minute Warmup

Yes this is a little bit of advertising for my new site but it is also some very useful information that I know would benefit any singers on the forum.

If you have any questions about singing or your voice just let me know, I'm glad to help however I can. 




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