High Soprano Songs

High Soprano Songs

High Soprano Songs    15:20 on Monday, December 19, 2016          

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Posted by sahinkel

Hi!! I am a very high soprano and am struggling to find songs with notes in a higher range. If anyone has any recommendations of songs with high notes I would love to look at them and try some. Thanks!

Re: High Soprano Songs    04:41 on Monday, July 31, 2017          

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Posted by Maria125

I'll also try.

Re: High Soprano Songs    06:28 on Sunday, August 06, 2017          

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Posted by Thron1972

Hi, you can get Free music here:https://www.musicscreen.org/free-music.php

Re: High Soprano Songs    14:25 on Saturday, August 19, 2017          

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Posted by MattRamsey

Hey Sahinkel,

What genres of music do you sing?

I ask because that will obviously have a big impact on the type of notes you'll need to hit up there.
Are we looking for a more legit sound, belt, or mix?

Here's a list of songs in different genres that I give to my high sopranos.
I've tried to include a variety of different sounds.

Songbird-Eva Cassidy
Flashlight-Jessie J
King of Anything-Sara Bareilles

Musical Theatre:
All That Matters-Finding Neverland
Goodnight My Someone-The Music Man
Defying Gravity-Wicked

Will You Love Me Tomorrow-Carole King
You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman)-Aretha Franklin
Crazy on You-Heart

Hope this helps!


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