Requesting review/tips/critique

Requesting review/tips/critique

Requesting review/tips/critique    19:23 on Sunday, September 03, 2017          

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Posted by amspso

Hi! Just looking for some feedback or ideas about what I should work on technique-wise. I don't take lessons, so anything you have to say would probably be helpful!

I've been told I'm a spinto soprano...but not sure how accurate that is. (Opinions?)

Two links. The first showcases upper end of range; the second is much lower.

"You Raise Me Up" -

"Lost Boy" -

(And of course I only sang half of each because they are duets that other singers can join.)


Re: Requesting review/tips/critique    16:13 on Thursday, September 07, 2017          

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Posted by MattRamsey

Nice job! What I'm hearing is that you could work on singing more legato.
You're emphasizing your consonants a bit heavily.
For example, in lost boy I heard: "When I-ee Was a Chil-D".

One thing I would recommend is singing the melody of the phrase on a "Mum".
Once you've sung the melody on Mum, sing it again but try to emphasize just the "uh" of the word, with minimal emphasis on the "m".

Finally, take that smooth "uh" feeling and apply it to the song.

By emphasizing the vowels more, the line of the song will sound more smooth and legato.
Using the lost boy example, we might hear:
"w-EH-n AH-ee w-AH-s AH ch-AH-EE-ld"

Of course, regular voice lessons will help you sing legato across your whole range. But this should get you going.

Re: Requesting review/tips/critique    16:22 on Thursday, September 07, 2017          

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Posted by amspso

Thanks!! That is really helpful!


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