Seeking guidance on falsetto issues.

Seeking guidance on falsetto issues.

Seeking guidance on falsetto issues.    07:00 on Thursday, November 30, 2017          

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Posted by Deps

Hi guys, new here.

Im 23 yrs old male, have been singing and writing my own tunes for the last 4 years, and I practise and gig on a daily basis. I have a light-medium voice, like a like baritone.
My None falsetto range is somewhat the same as Ed Sheeran, can hold clean notes up to G5 ( Im unsure if its G4 but I think you might know what I mean, for guitarists its the 3 fret of the light e string ), and I can belt up to A5/probably higher, like him. I have with a lot of training learned to compress my vocals to give that ''yell'' belting sound, without straining at all, and I mean that, it doesnt hurt one bit, so i think my support is just fine.

My issue: My falsetto range feels wierd and short compared to friends and others, who cant sing as high as me in their ''normal'' voice. When I wake up in the morning I can barely produce it, not even hold it, and it takes like a lot of hours of practise for it to warm up. I can flip from chest/head to falsetto at the lower range at most times, but it takes hours of warm up and water to flip into it at higher pitches. What usually happens when i try to flip into falsetto at higher pitches, or just go up higher, either my voice breaks or simply there comes out nothing but air, like a whisper.

The highest note Ive ever held in falsetto was F5(or F6? The 13th fret on the light e string ), but that was after a long day of warm up.

Getting to the point: It feels constantly like there is something in my throat like mucous blocking me from going up higher or doing falsetto flips, like if you imagine a road block, and the more I warm up the further up I can push that road block if you know what I mean.

I've recently started drinking 3 times as much water daily since I almost didnt drink any, to hope that its all a question of bad hydration. It just feels wierd that I have this flexible ''normal voice'' range, and my falsetto is weak , short and fragile. Oh, the average high note i can hit before breaking, and with a lot of focus is C5(8 fret light E string guitar ), where as my friends surpass that with ease.

Thanks for your time, I know its almost like an whole essay this. Also Im not english so pardon my small gramatic errors.

Ps: have been training falsetto for years, and my low end control is good, just so you dont think I havnt practised it

Sincerely Søren


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