Range problem

Range problem

Range problem    12:00 on Sunday, December 03, 2017          

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Posted by Nomanoba

I'm a low baritone with no genetic musical ability. I've been teaching myself to sing for two years, and although my pitching is quite good, I cannot sing above E in chest voice. I do not have a head voice or falsetto so I make a strangled squeak and try to develop it. I have a band because I can write songs easily, and need to sing like a tenor to bring out the best in these songs.

I can start a sort of combined note up to the G, and although it's odd, I can express the passion I feel. If I could scale up to G I'd be so happy.

I'm 71.

Re: Range problem    19:33 on Tuesday, December 26, 2017          

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Posted by Italiansinger

Hello, I' m baritone too. I have improved my range by a book and exercises of a vocal coach. We could talk about it more in private if you don' t mind.

Re: Range problem    12:47 on Wednesday, December 27, 2017          

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Posted by DaveInSocal

My advice is to get a vocal warmup / exercise CD and practice daily if you can. Just be careful and don't strain your voice. Over time you will see your range / stamina improve.
Good Luck!


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