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Cancelling subscription    14:37 on Tuesday, February 9, 2021          

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Posted by abbypatel

I received an email stating that my subscription was going to be renewed in a few days. As I only used this website once or twice in the past year, I logged in and pressed the cancel button. The next page loaded with the following message:

"Thank you. Your subscription has been cancelled. You will not be charged again."

On the 7th of February I received a message stating my subscription had been renewed??

On checking my account it appears that my subscription is still as active? How is this possible as I cancelled it shortly after receiving the email notification stating my subscription was up for renewal.

I suspect that your cancel button is not actually functioning correctly and doing what it is supposed to.

The browser I used was Google Chrome.

Can you please refund me the price of the annual subscription ($20.00), as I had no intention of continuing the subscription.

I have not accessed any content from this website for over a year.

Please also note your Money Back Guarantee, which states:
"We are so confident in our product that if you are at all unhappy with your subscription to, we will provide you with an unconditional, full, 100% refund, no quibbles. Refund requests should be sent to".

Not that the above should apply to this scenario, as I had pressed the cancel button already and have been incorrectly charged.

I have sent multiple emails to regarding this issue, but have yet to receive a reply.

I would appreciate a full refund ASAP.



Re: Cancelling subscription    13:04 on Wednesday, February 10, 2021          

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Hi Abby - I'm very sorry about that - as per an email I sent, I've refunded and cancelled this. Many apologies.


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