Newbie seeking advice

Newbie seeking advice

Newbie seeking advice    14:27 on Monday, May 15, 2006          

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Posted by RicNog

Hello all,

My name is Ricardo and I’m new here and quite new to composition also. I’m a guitarist and I’ve made my regular counterpoint, harmony, etc., but in a performer’s perspective. I’ve always been attracted to composing music; when I was younger I thought one could write a full scale piece out of “inspiration” so I was very disappointed when I could only write a few bars. Nowadays I’m a bit more informed and I think I may have a few things to say, composing-wise. I’m aware I still have a lot to learn but for now I can’t really take classes with a teacher or take a composition degree in a university. What I’m thinking is to buy a few books on orchestration and composition techniques so I can learn something before I’m ready to take some classes, maybe next year.

I might as well tell you what kind of music I’m in to, or what I’m not really interested in. My favourites are: (in no particular order) Ligeti, Berio, Crumb, Andriessen, Hindemith, Lindberg, Bartok, Stravinsky, Takemitsu, Messiaen, Debussy, Bach, Polyphony, etc. I’m not really into Boulez, Stockhausen, Carter, New Complexities, etc. In spite of this I am open to learning through all of these and do not reject them.

The only book on orchestration I have is Walter Piston, what’s it like?

Composition books I have William Russo’s “Composing: a new approach”, Schoenberg’s “Fundamentals of Music Composition” and I was thinking of buying David Cope’s “Techniques of the contemporary composer”, and Reginald Smith-Brindle’s “Musical Composition”. Hindemith’s books on Harmony also seem appealing.

What would you advise me?

Thanks in advance



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